Bitcoin Sale! 20% off my Web Services if paid in Bitcoin!

For a short time I’m offering 20% off my web services if paid in Bitcoin

I’ve been reading up and learning about Bitcoins for about 7 months now and although I wish I would have bought a few when they were $30 each, I’m still excited to see how far it’s came this last year and what it’ll become in the future.

For those who don’t know what a Bitcoin is, here is the wiki excerpt.

Bitcoin QR Code

You can transfer Bitcoins with a QR code as well!

“Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency where the creation and transfer of bitcoins is based on an open-source cryptographic protocol that is independent of any central authority”

So it’s becoming a form of payment and those who believe in it also believe it’ll be worth more in the future. I’m going to offer a winter special of 20% off my services if paid in Bitcoin. That will add up the more work that you need done!

Here is a link to a wiki page on buying Bitcoins, I’ve used coinbase & bitinstant in the past with very little issues & smooth transactions.

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bachchatforum – updated xenforo – installed mods

This was one of my first xenforo clients.

  • setup xenforo plugins
  • moved forum into the root directory
  • suggested mods to client
  • online consulting
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couponerswanted – removed old vbulletin site, installed xenforo

This was a past vBulletin client that I’ve helped for years and they wanted to remove everything and start off fresh with xenforo.

  • removed old vBulletin forums
  • installed new xenforo forums
  • moved forum to new smaller host
  • configured new host for new forum
  • installed the required services for the xenforo forum to run
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