12 Ways to Boost Your Website’s Lead Generation Performance

This is lead gen 101. But while I was looking for live examples of this to show you (check out the one at the close of this post), it stunned me how many marketers and companies are not employing this tactic.

As always, the bad news here is how much business is being lost. The good news is it’s an easy fix: Get some gate-worthy content together ASAP, and add those lead gen boxes. However, not every piece of content should be gated. You may want to check out this post on tips for when and when not to gate.

4. Make sure your tracking works.

“What gets measured, improves.” If you haven’t yet set up tracking on your website, the time is now. You need to know which pages are generating the most leads, and which pages aren’t performing well enough.

If you’ve got a nice CRM system set up already, great. But even a free Google Analytics account has a good basic tracking feature. Just set up a “goal” for each lead generation page you’ve got. Within a week, you’ll be amazed with the information. If you weren’t doing any tracking before, finding out your results is kind of like turning on the lights in a dark room.

Take note: This will show you which of your marketing efforts are working best. That alone can be extremely helpful. Once you’ve got the information on what’s actually driving your leads, do more of that and consider backing off from the marketing efforts that aren’t working.

5. Archive your webinars for play on demand.

Webinars are a great way to generate leads. Every time you do another one, you get the contact information of hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people.

That’s a good start, but don’t stop there. Post your webinars on your website, too, and gate them as on-demand webinars. I also edit the webinar down to a 1-2 minute version that I leave ungated with a CTA to the longer on-demand webinar. It has a value-add element to it, but no hassle with forms.

It’s a nice combo – you get great content to share with visitors, but you also get to do some lead generation. And you’ve got a way to balance the cost of all those in-house and third-party webinars you’re doing.

Want to see an example of this in action? We have a whole page of webinars on demand.

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