trying a new style

After searching on support forums and in the back end of this site I finally found out how to change the URL’s to display how I want them, Yeah for me.

I’ve also changed the default style to something a little more to my likings.( don’t know if thats a word )Â I’m not sure I’m going to keep this one but after searching threw 40 pages of styles, I’m ready to stop messing with it for now.

We are having some friends over tonight and I need to get into the kitchen to get things ready. Also I need to run to the liquor store to stock up on drinks..looolz.

So for now, This is all that you get to see. I do have some good ideas for this site. Or at least I think they are good ideas, we’ll both find out I guess.

With that said, I’m signing out for now.


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