The countdown is on

We are one week away from closing on our house. It was set for the 30th, but we were able to get it pushed back to the 4th. Our new house closes on the 6th, so I think we’ll stay at one of our parents for 2 days or just rent a room. I’m going to miss the house on eveningside, it’s been a good house for us but we just need more room. I hope our new neighbors are as nice as the ones we have now. I see the neighbors on both sides have big dogs, I’m not sure how Roxy is going to handle the new house. It will certainly be a change, I hope she can maneuver down the stairs on the deck. I know I had posted a link to the for sale listing of the house and it was taken down. So here is an updated link thanks to the mighty google. You may need flash installed, but it should pull up if you give it enough time. It’s the yellow one with the lowered basketball hoop. Oh, and you can move that image around, just click and drag the cursor.

So other then the house, things have been good. Alissa has been getting lots of rest this weekend. We go to the Dr on tuesday to find out how far along she is. I’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn during the week to make her bacon and eggs every morning. Then I try to go back to bed, spend about 40 mins tossing, 40 mins sleeping then I’m up for the day.

Work has been great, we are are up to 72 forums and really getting some good people to work with us. It’s looking by the time it’s all said and done, I’ll be helping “recruit” new forum owners that want to be a part of the crowdgather network. So far I’ve worn many hats, from strictly working on installing/updating forums, to all the SEO work, to managing advertising/marketing to the future of this recruitment.. It’s been a lot of fun and a tremendous learning experience. I truly do owe thanks to Sanjay Sabnani for letting me in on these great ideas he has which I have no doubt, will be huge.

Something else that is showing some great potential, is out Topeka Blog that we put together for the Transforming Topeka group. It’s a group of 8 of us that have been meeting every thursday for the last few months, talking about ways to help along the whole heartland visioning process that has been brought into Topeka. The blog has been getting amazing comments online and at the Task Force meetings. I’ve even seen the blog above our newsletter “cjonline” for the term “Topeka Kansas” more then a handful of times. It’s ranking well for a few more terms and has been climbing nicely.

Well I hadn’t posted on this in a while, and I know Alissa’s been posting like crazy.. but that could be the fact that she now has the new 3G iPhone by ATT. It’s so awesome, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m sure I could do a whole blog post just on the coolness of the new iPhone.