The Data Driven Industry

The thing that initially drew me into media was the balance
of left and right brain. You need to be a person who can do and understand
research, but you also need to be creative enough to know what to do with that
data to really make it work. I like to think of it like Legos. You’ve been
given all the pieces you could need, but you have to know how which ones are
going to work best for this particular project and how to put them all together
correctly. It is the ongoing puzzle and it is fascinating.

Originally, media was not as data driven. It was a strictly
gut-driven industry that we had no real way of measuring whether or not things
were working. Now, although gut still plays a huge part, the data we are able
to gather and utilize has grown and become such a crucial part of this
industry. All ads now have tons and tons of research behind them answering the
important and necessary questions such as “who are we targeting,” and “is it
working.” Because of this data, we are able to better spend our media dollars
and have better predictions on what ideas will work and what will not work,
which I think is pretty cool.

Data has allowed us to be intelligent and intuitive all at
the same time which leads to better, more impressive ads, and a more
interesting industry for me to look forward to working in.

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