The weekend at DataKind DC

Last weekend DataKind DC hosted a DataDive to help improve the lives of children in the foster care system. Before I talk about what a great experience it was, I’ll briefly explain what DataKind is and what in the world a DataDive is.

DataKind hosts events in major cities all around the world. It brings data science enthusiasts to nonprofit organizations to clean and summarize data, build models, and assist with other data projects.

A DataDive is a weekend-long activity where professionals and students collaborate to solve a problem. Think of it like a hack-a-thon for data scientists. Data science is the best tool we have in our power to make good decisions, and participating in a DataDive is a smart way to do some good for society.

The enthusiasm in the room on the first working day was so electric many people stayed well into the evening. Keep in mind this was a Saturday – the first rest day after a workweek! (Note the coffee cups in the above picture.) Hopefully it won’t be too difficult for you to believe that a group of friendly and intelligent folks love a challenge, especially when the work produces tangible results.

Check out a chapter near you for events and explore their online volunteer activities!

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