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2017 just started and things are beginning to get into the realm of competitiveness: the ongoing and flagrant need for improved and enhanced online traffic lies behind the constant struggle for better rankings and better positioning on the search results of a determined search engine. At ReputationDefender we cannot stress enough the magnificence of using search engine optimization (also known as SEO) as the main tool for thriving under today’s digital framework as well as for appearing in the first page of results —which, of course, is what increases the odds of having more customers visiting a business’s website.


Many experts have spent a sheer array of time assessing the major components of this issue for quite a long time; after consideration of all the outcomes, there are certainly tools that are likely to bring positive results and tools that are not just as good as they might seem at first sight. Ever since the emergence of the digital era, the developments and findings around this matter definitely outpaced people’s capacity to understand and integrate —and use these tools at their full potential— to their businesses such tools. However, the constant need for overcoming the competition definitely brought along certain business-friendly tools that have proven to be quite good in terms of results.


Choosing the ideal SEO tools under today’s juncture is, definitely, a daunting task: there are just many to choose from. Nevertheless, opting for a determined tool is highly dependant on the nature of the business as well as on what does the business wish to accomplish with its search engine optimization campaigns; be that as it may, since there are assorted ways of benefiting from SEO, the idea is to assess what kind of tool suits the business best.


Raven Tool’s Auditor

It is highly advisable to first analyze the website and figure out whether there are things that need to be fixed. One of the best tools for auditing a website is Raven Tool’s Auditor since it helps users find out what they need to do to attain a better chance at improving the site rankings. Besides, Raven Tools has the capability of evaluating and monitoring both mobile and desktop SEO: it provides a list of all the optimization chances in order of outcome so steps can be taken accordingly. It also notifies users should a problem arise. Before starting any SEO campaign, analyzing the website is definitely a much better idea.


Once the website has been thoroughly analyzed, the idea is to realize how good it is doing compared to its main competitors: to earn their place in the industry, businesses ought to know whether their competitors are doing well and, furthermore, have a glimpse at what strategies they are fond of to reach possible consumers. Competitor analysis is as old as humanity; in the realm of digital marketing, competitor analysis definitely comes in handy. SimilarWeb provides its users not only with metrics in regards to the competitors’ sites, but also on their apps and the industry in its full scope.



As mentioned in previous articles, one of the best ways to attain better rankings in this field is to come up with the right and ideal keywords for the site’s online content, meta tags and titles. Perhaps this is the portion of digital marketing and SEO where the vast majority of tools can be found; out of the hundreds available, some seem to work pretty good whereas others do not, therefore, based on the idea behind keywords, SECockpit is probably a wise choice. This search engine optimization tool is able to find keywords for all languages and countries almost immediately. Given the pace at which information is now shared, search engine optimization tools demand time efficient results; with SECockpit, users will require much less time coming up with their strategies —and consequently will have more time for execution.



As in every industry, there are some premises that seem to be applicable regardless of their nature. In digital marketing, one of these premises states that the more prospects a business has online, the higher its ranking will ultimately be. Prospects can go all the way from content, online mentions, to online reputation articles, reviews, backlinks and many more. Ontolo is perhaps one of the best tools for finding prospects across the vast realm of the Internet; it focuses on those that seem beneficial for the user and the business and, furthermore, provides vital information on how to get in touch with each of them.



The most evident, yet the most used marketing tool as of the past decade is social media. Social media impacted digital marketing greatly —including SEO marketing—. Although Hootsuite is not a SEO tool per se, it definitely helps users track their different social media accounts and mentions, which entail the power to enhance search engine optimization standings: it keeps track of multiple social media platforms and focuses on important aspects of today’s consumers mindset.


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