Alissa and I just got back from the ozarks, we are members of a Topeka Ad club and that’s who ran the weekend.

We have nice rooms at the Tan Tar A resort, Lis had to go to a board meeting all day saturday, but we had a dinner cruise that night which was cool. We had gone down last year as well, I hope we can take a trip one of these days and actually enjoy the place.

We drove up friday night, and drove back sunday morning, not much time to relax.

So a little catch up, we sold our house and bought one on Tutbury ct.  Here is a link with google street view. We close on our house on the 30th, and on the new house like on the 7th. I can’t wait to move in and shoot some hoops!

We got a new style on the TransformTopeka blog. The team really likes the way it’s turned out and I’ve been working on building links from other topeka sites.

I recently purchased a small graphics forum called n2dsgn, and I’ve merged it with our forum for a larger graphics tutorial section.

Let’s see, what else has been going on… I need to fix a few pieces of wood on the house before the house inspector stops by, so I really should get off of here.

The first Dr appointment is coming up, I’ll go with Lis to that and will prolly make a blog post that afternoon :D