If any of you know me from my other websites you’ll notice an overal update on all sites.. I did have 15 domains setup with small turnkey sites on them but they’ve all been parked at sedo.com.
My vbulletin forum is doing pretty well, we’ve even been listed in DMOZ. Thats a pretty good Link Directory to get into if you don’t know.

I just finished the 3/4 part of the class this year.. This next course if going to be aimed at Novell’s eDirectory. Right now, or I should say this week, we’ll be building a mock database as a company would have. I’m really looking forward to it, I’m not as fast of a type as well.. pretty much everyone can type faster then me :( I’m getting better tho, it’s so cool.

For those who had seen my blog post at the vBulletin Blogs will have seen me talk about my wife not feeling well.. Long story short, she had sinus sugery and is about 97% of what she was :)

We had some snow this weekend, it was crazy.. just out of nowhere, 3 inches feel.. I wouldn’t of cared but we had been planning on heading to Emporia for a night out :(

Anyways, all is good overall :)