Hey everyone, how have you all been?
Okay, this is going to be a short list type post, I just don’t have time to really go into detail right now,

  • graduation is tonight for my CCNA networking class at KAW Area tech school.
  • Our house is for sale, we’ve officially been on the market 3 days, and tomorrow we have our 3rd showing, and one of those, they came back for a 2nd viewing.
  • We our working on Transforming Topeka for a better community, I’ll get into that more later.
  • I’m going to be breaking this blog into subdomain, making Brandon.Sheley.org and Alissa.Sheley.org for Alissa if she ever wants to rant or blog about something that wouldn’t go on her business blog.
  • We’ve driven by about 70 houses and I think this sunday we are going to check out one in a Great area, across the street from a nice park.
  • Work with Crowdgather is going great, we are up to 62 forums now!

I’ll try to get more posted as soon as I can.