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Hello everyone, I’ve put together this site to show some links of my other sites and what I’m all about. I work from home running Sheley Enterprises, which I started in June of 07. I enjoy disc golf, ping pong and soon to be little league. I’ve taken 2 years in PC repair and networking, but have taught myself everything to do with online marketing and how to manage a large memberbase. It doesn’t hurt that my wife works in social media at the best advertising agency in

Sheley Enterprises

I’ll go into a little detail of what Sheley Enterprises entails. I’ve been offering vBulletin Services since before I started Sheley Enterprises, it had gotten to a point that I had to make a company to stay organized with the work I was doing. Here is a short list of some of my past vBulletin clients, as well as a few Testimonials. I’ve also done a number of jobs (generally local) that weren’t “vBulletin” sites, rather blogs or static pages. I like to pride myself on the fact that I’ve never had an unhappy client. In fact, I don’t ask for anything upfront, just to make sure the client is happy with their work. This is a bit risky on my part, but it hasn’t backfired yet. (knocks on wood) In most cases, I like to talk with the clients on the phone, this works best because some clients don’t really know what their forums are capable of and ten minutes on the phone can really clear things up.
Here are a few other sites with information on what I’ve done.
Brandon Sheley on LinkeIn
BrandonSheley on Twitter
Sheley Enterprises (Official Business site)
Brandon Sheley (Official Blog)
Brandon Sheley on Facebook
As well as a variety of forums, I’ll list off just a few″ target=”_blank”>loco.m on″ target=”_blank”>loco.m on
Brandon Sheley on
Brandon Sheley on vBulletin Setup (Moderator)
Brandon Sheley at The Admin Zone (Moderator)
Brandon Sheley on V7N Marketing Forums (Moderator)
Brandon Sheley on AdminFusion (Moderator)
Brandon Sheley on AdminAddict (Moderator)
Brandon Sheley on vBHackers (Moderator) [Retired]
Brandon Sheley on Bloggeries (tech admin)
loco.m on Digital Point

Thanks for checking our BrandonSheley.Org, hope to see you around the forums or blogs, and don’t be afraid to Contact me with any questions.

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