bachchatforum – updated xenforo – installed mods

This was one of my first xenforo clients.

  • setup xenforo plugins
  • moved forum into the root directory
  • suggested mods to client
  • online consulting
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couponerswanted – removed old vbulletin site, installed xenforo

This was a past vBulletin client that I’ve helped for years and they wanted to remove everything and start off fresh with xenforo.

  • removed old vBulletin forums
  • installed new xenforo forums
  • moved forum to new smaller host
  • configured new host for new forum
  • installed the required services for the xenforo forum to run
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big10sportsnation – cleaned infected site

This client had a few sites that needed cleaned up.

  • cleaned infected vBulletin files on the main site
  • cleaned 2 other sites in the network
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1anglico – upgraded vBulletin

This site had a few issues, or rather the hosting did.

  • upgraded to the latest vBulletin 3.x
  • consulting on moving host
  • consulting on upgrading to the latest vbulletin 4
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good-game – vBulleting upgrade – cleaned up site

Another repeat customer needing work done.

  • upgraded vBulletin
  • removed old broken plugins
  • updated templates/mods after upgrade
  • optimized forum for SEO and search load
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bloggeries – vBulletin upgrade – optimized settings

This is a good friend of mine, Rob has built an awesome blogging forum. Go check it out today!

  • upgraded vbulletin forum
  • removed legacy mod
  • helped coordinate and moved to a new host
  • matched old template with the new vbulletin 4.x style
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