These are what I’ll be working with for the next 180 days. I started class back up at Kaw area tech school in the mornings on monday. I’m really looking forward to this years class. We’ve started with only 10 students, and one might be dropping out so that drops it down to 9.  This is much better in comparison to last years starting class of 20. Plus I think This years teacher will teach in a way I can understand better. We are the first class to use Vista the whole year, it has some cool "pretty" stuff, but it’s so slow even with 1279 Mg RAM :O We have to keep engineering journals and I may even post mine online. We can have help with grammar and spelling, both areas that I certainly could use some help on. I’ve been getting to bed at a decent time so I’ve had plenty of sleep, this is especially critical on those long lecture mornings.
    We just got a check from some links we were selling on Alissa’s site, so I’ve been picking up some art and artist backlinks. If you know of any, shoot me a comment :) My other sites are doing great, the forum posting contest have really been a hit. vBSetup usually has at least 5 members on and about 50 guest/spiders. I wont be able to reply to as many post during school. We have some great mods that will kick it in and help out tho. :)
    I’ve added a few things to this blog, one being the top commenters widget. This will show the top commenters with links to their websites without the nofollow attribute. This means you’ll get PR leakage from our home page. You must be logged in for the link to have the nofollow removed. Added a new style with 3 columns, I think it looks okay, what do you think ? I’m  going to work on the banner when I get time, Alissa and I are going to a dress up event shortly, maybe I can get a nice landscape shot of us :)
    Well, I need to go make her lunch and I have a few clients that need work. Time to make that money :D
Thanks for checking out the blog

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