Manual directory submissions can take days and days to do currectly. With digiXMAS you can cut that time down to a few hours. The most important thing about directory submissions is getting the most accurate category and unique descriptions for your listings. With digiXMAS you can enter in as many sets of titles and descriptions as you want. This program will rotate those within the listings. You can also enter in a few keywords when searching for the most accurate category for your site and this program will automaticity sort and display the most appropriate section for your keywords.

digiXMAS Directory Submitter

With about 10 minutes of prep time you can be submitting your site to over 1600 web directories. In the image, you can see how many have page rank. Many of them don’t even have a captcha spam verification, so you can blow through a good 500 directories by just holding down on the enter button

This is a program I’ve been using off and on since I started my vBulletin forum. It’s grown into a great automated program with many more features that I don’t even use and haven’t mentioned. Options like being able to add your own directory list, so you’re not limited to the 1600+ that you see in the screenshot.

Check it out, it doesn’t cost a thing to use but the number of directories is limited. You could literally have over 700 visitors to your site 30 mins after reading this post!

Originally posted 2009-01-07 01:52:16.

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