What’s that, did you say you have a Flip camera?

So I had applied for the Flip affiliate program but I’m getting tired of wait, it’s been over a month and their support sucks so I’ll just get this post out of the way. We got a Flip camera from Christmas, some of you may know of my old videos on qik that I recorded from my jail broken iPhone, it did a good job for instant video but the detail was poor. The Flip camera is a HD camera and it very quick to start up. (Handy for trying to get cute pics of Leo)

This post will have several videos in it, I’ll try to update future post with 1-3 video’s each.

I’ll start at the oldest and work are way forward to his recent visit to the ER (1.15.10)

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Actually, I’m going to split these video’s up into a few post so it’ll load faster.

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