Late last week Rob Reynolds mentioned on Twitter that Google wanted to install fiber optics in selected cities across the nation and we thought it would be great if Topeka was one of the chosen cities!

Early this week Jared Starkey started a Facebook Group page to help support the cause. Alissa and I jumped on board to offer our help. We invited all our Topeka friends to the group and help startup a website to educate the public. The URL is, we strongly urge everyone in Topeka to check the group or site out and click this Google link to help nominate Topeka for Google Fiber.

If you are on Facebook, join this group and invite all your Topeka friends. We all want faster internet, why not let Google pay to lay the infrastructure?

If you have a camera you can make a YouTube video like John Ary did here.


Imagine Topeka as an a technology hot spot. A place where citizens, schools and businesses have unparalleled access to an internet connection so powerful they’re able to make daily life more efficient, just by residing here. Where, instead of waiting minutes or hours for a file to download or a video to load, it would occur in seconds, allowing technology to take us places we’ve never even imagined before. With Google’s Fiber Experiment, this is all completely possible.

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