We want the Google Experiment in Topeka

I’ve been helping with a cause here in Topeka Kansas. We’re trying to get Google to lay their fiber network all throughout our city. Google has announced that they are going to lay 1Gbps fiber line in some test cities. This will be 1 Gigabit of download directly to your home; you can use Google as your IPS of stick with who you have now in your area. If you have a second, I would greatly appreciate it if you would nominate Topeka Kansas. We have a website up and a Facebook group of 6500 members as of this posting. We only started this a week ago, the support has been outstanding. You can submit videos; I’ll include a few for you to check out.



This is the nomination form for google, pass the words to your friends and help us help Topeka.

We’ve also had some outstanding media coverage, and we have a flash mob planned for this week. It’s going to be an exciting month if we get it or not. Google is taking nominations until March 26th.

Originally posted 2010-02-23 20:56:44.

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