mobile first indexing

Google has shared some further information about mobile-first indexing on Twitter.

1. It is not necessary to have a mobile-friendly website

Although it is not necessary to have a mobile-friendly website to be included in Google’s mobile-first indexing process, websites that aren’t mobile-friendly won’t get high rankings in Google’s mobile results.

2. Google indexes the mobile version, but shows different URLs for desktop and mobile

The mobile version of a web page will be indexed by Google. If Google detects different URLs for desktop and mobile, the result pages will show the corresponding pages for desktop and mobile search results.

3. The number of crawled pages won’t change

4. Google says that there won’t be ranking changes

Of course, the rankings of your web pages can change if your mobile pages are different from your desktop pages. For that reason, it’s a good idea to use responsive web design that uses the same content for all devices.

Being included in Google’s mobile-first index won’t give your website a ranking boost.

5. Google’s speed update is independent from Google’s mobile-first index

It’s always good to have a fast website. However, the speed of your website does not influence if it will be included in Google’s mobile-first index.

6. It’s okay to use hamburger menus and accordeons

User interface elements that hide the menus until someone clicks the menu icon are fine.

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