Hi folks… I’m Sonnie, one of the owners at Home Theater Shack, a home theater forum for discussion of the same. We recently decided we would upgrade from vB 3.54 to 3.6 and being that I’ve only been doing the forum stuff for less than 4 months, I didn’t want to tackle an upgrade. It took me a week to figure it out the first time. I pretty much put off doing it right when the Gold version was released because of this.

Well… I stumbled across Brandon and we hooked up. He came in, did the upgrade, helped me with several other areas as well. Super fast and painless, and a very reasonable fee. Brandon even gave us several suggestions to improve a few things in our forum, plus helped us with the vBSEO program getting it optimized for the search engines.

Brandon was right there communicating with me through the entire process. He must have 4 hands and two monitors… not sure how he was getting it all done so quickly while chatting with me on yahoo messenger at the same time.

I highly recommend Brandon and will use him the next time around as well.

Thank you Brandon… you are great!

One more thing…. I believe we had 44 templates we had to revert and we had one or two hacks:

Admin Log In As User 1.2
Archive Adsense 1.0
Article Bot 2.70
Change Threads Owner 1.0
Default Font/Color/Size in Post (applehat) 1.0.0
ipInfo 1.2
Members who have visited the forum 4.21
Multiple Login Detector 1.03
Posting Rules Template Change 1.0.0
Separate Sticky and Normal Threads 1.20
Smilies-in-QR-and-QE 1.0.2
Users Who Registered Today 1.0
vBadvanced CMPS 2.1.0
vbgooglemap Member Edition by StonyArc 2.5.1
vBSEO 3.0.0 RC3
vBSEO :: Sitemap Generator 1.6.1
Welcome Headers 4.0.6

vBSEO Moderator Admin
Archive Bottom
archive header
Bills PayPal Cache Templates
Cache Separate Sticky Template
Change Threads Owner (cache templates)
Members who have visited (1)
vbgooglemapme by StonyArc
vBSEO Cache Templates
Welcome Headers [Template Cache]
[Component] Smilies-in-QR-and-QE
GTPosting Rules: setting variables
[Component] Smilies-in-QR-and-QE
vBSEO Edit Post: Controls
vBadvanced Error Replacements
Change Threads Owner (add modlogaction)
Change Threads Owner (add modlogtypes)
Admin Log In As User
vBSEO Forum Admin
vBSEO Forum Admin Start
vBSEO Precache Annoncements
Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
vBSEO Forumdisplay Complete
Change Threads Owner (attach link)
Check for RSS on/off for RSS feed icon on each forum
Photopost Feature Block
Users Who Registered Today
vBSEO Forumhome Complete
Members who have visited (2)
vBSEO Forum Rules
vBSEO Global Hook
Admin Log In As User
Bills Paypal Donations
Custom Date & Time Formats
Inactivity Timer [Optional]
vBSEO Global Start
vBSEO Init Startup
Change Threads Owner (add valid action)
Change Threads Owner (insert post)
AE Detector: Login checker
vBSEO Email Send
Admin Log In As User
vBSEO Misc Start
vBSEO ModCP Navbar
vBa CMPS Welcome Block New Post Update
vBSEO New Post Complete
vBSEO New Post Process
vBSEO New Reply: Controls
vBSEO New Thread: Controls
Articlebot:Handle Who’s Online
Bills PayPal Donate WOL Config B
vbgooglemapme by StonyArc
Articlebot:Handle Who’s Online
Bills PayPal Donate WOL Config A
vbgooglemapme by StonyArc
vBa CMPS Include Bottom
Welcome Headers [Alteration]
vbgooglemapme findme
vBSEO Postbit Display Complete
vBSEO Edit Post Presave
Default Font/Color/Size in Post (applehat)
vBSEO Showthread Complete
Redirect Robots to Archives
vBSEO Precache Postbits
vBSEO Showthread Post Start
vBSEO Precache Similar Threads
vBa CMPS Include Top
Bills Paypal Donations
vBa CMPS Template Group
vbgooglemap me: Group Templates
vBSEO Template Group
vBSEO Precache Threads
vBSEO Edit Thread
vBSEO Edit Thread: Update
Admin Log In As User
Default Font/Color/Size in Post (applehat)