I picked up a job at a local computer store a few blocks from my house. I start monday but I have a quizbowl type compatition the end of next week so I really wont start working for a week and a half.

Anyways, eveything else is good. I started a small contest on one of my sites and so far it’s been a hit. Lis and I just got back from playing some basketball with a few friends.. I’m seriously Out Of Shape!, need to do that more often.lol.

I have the shed out back torn done and still have a load or two that I need to get to a dump or something. I don’t know where one is in town is. My father in law will prolly be up in a few weekends and we’ll start building the new one.

I’ve been playing around with some Press Releases for Alissa’s site and one of my own.. So far, I’ve been impressed.. I’ve only been using the free options, as soon as I get some extra online cash I’ll be paying for some permium packages.

well, just a short update.

take care guys.


Originally posted 2007-04-11 19:39:26.