Leo goes to the ER(1.15.10)

This last set of video’s are from Leo’s ER trip this last week. You can read more about it on Alissa’s blog about Leo’s 2 trips to the ER. You can also read some info about it on my Facebook page, or Alissa’s.

After this set, I’ll post video’s once a week or so, but they won’t be back to back post like these last 3 were. I apologize for that, I was waiting to hear back from “thFlip” camera company, they have an affiliate program but apparently horrible support so I’ve given up on them.

Anyways, here are 2 more videos of leo, the first one is him in the hospital still, and the 2nd was one I shot earlier today.

Hope you enjoy them, I’ll be back to posting on Search Engine Optimization and Social Media early this week.