Leo Loves Trains

Hello Everyone,

I know I haven’t been as active on this blog as I was a few years ago but a lot has happen since then and life just gets away from you sometimes. I’ll still try to get a few marketing articles posted, I have a few in moderation but they still need a little editing. I’m going to start posting small updates about my son Leo, his mom has been posting stuff since before the pregnancy; you can read her blog here.

So without further adieu, here is the addition to the Leo category.

Leo is really doing great, he’s had several big transitions lately like; getting a big boy bed, potty training, moving up in school to the pre-school class. The potty training is the biggest thing I’m most proud of! I had him all weekend and he would let me know when he needed to go, then take care of everything himself. I can’t tell you how excited I am to knock out the diaper expense every month. We’ll still need some for nap time and at night for a little while longer, but we’re done during the day.

Leo really likes trains and fire trucks like most boys I’m sure, we went to the Kansas History Museum this weekend, they have an old locomotive. Leo really enjoyed it as well as kids area that he could climb over everything. I was able to snap off a few pictures but Leo was on the move, so some of them are blurry.

Leo has been working on his words; he tends to drop the first and last part of some of his words. We read a lot of books and sing as many songs as we can. I’m guessing they sing songs in his school because sometimes it takes a little googleing to find out what it is he’s trying to sing..lol

We had a great weather this weekend; I think it was in the 80’s the whole weekend. His grandparents came up and we stopped by the park. He loves playing at the park, going down the slide and just running off energy.

Well I’m going to end this year, hope you enjoyed this and I’m looking forward to documenting this stage of his life.