I stopped by vBSEO the other day and saw something that looked pretty slick. At first I wasn’t impressed but the more I looked at it, the more I saw it was something vBulletin was severally missing.

Here is some info from vBSEO along with a couple screenshots.

When we first introduced the Likes Tree concept a few weeks ago, it was a vision, a dream… something that seemed cool, and perhaps useful for those seeking to browse threads more efficiently.vBSEO - Search Engine Optimization for vBulletin

The title of the original thread was: The “Likes Tree”, finding a forum’s most useful content will change forever…. and, although I do agree this title is accurate today, I was in for a surprise to the feature’s TRUE *usefulness*.

In a nutshell, I believe this feature will REDEFINE the way people interact with forums. It has done that for me, and I’m happy to announce that as of right now, all vBSEO.com users will be able to experience it for themselves!

While conducting our initial tests (admins have had the feature enabled for a few days now) we quickly realized the underlying data was SO powerful, that it would be a waste not to put it to work in areas other than enabling the discovery of a thread’s most meaningful content. That is the long way of saying that some really powerful stuff is coming from vBSEO, and the “Likes Tree” is *only* the first of those features. SEO is at the core of these enhancements, and that’s why this feature is 100% relevant to vBSEO.

The *first embodiment* of the “Likes Tree” now includes filters that enable users to:

  1. Find a thread’s “Top” liked posts in chronological order
  2. Find “All” liked posts in a thread, by author, i.e. the “Likes Distribution” of a thread
  3. Find the distribution of likes within “This Page” (a singe page of a thread)

The final implementation is quite different to the original iteration, due to both, technical limitations and performance considerations, as well as a number of *extra values* that became obvious to us during the initial testing phase.

Below two screenshots, the first is for the initial feature as spec’d:

… and here is the final implementation, after a number of closed dev iterations:

This is still in the early beta stages, but vBSEO has announced they release it to the pre-release team, so I’ve applied for that and hopefully it’ll be running on General Forums soon!

If you’re a vBSEO customer is this something you’ll enable on your forum? If you’re not than is this something that would help convince to you that vBSEO is a quality product and a vBulletin forum shouldn’t be started with out it?

Originally posted 2010-12-02 20:55:47.