Hey guys, I know, I know..

It’s been weeks since I posted here, we’ll I’ve had some family issues that I need to take care of. I’m not going to get into that, so lets just get on to the fun stuff.

… All has been good in school, as of last week, I’m up to an 86% for this semester. I did get an 80 on the test last week, so it may drop :(

We’ve been talking and learning about Novell Server. It’s been pretty cool and I’ve been able to associate it to the structure of the ftp of the websites I work on. I guess that’s why I’ve been able to well in class.

I’ve been playing some Disc Golf the last 3 weeks, it’s been pretty cool. I haven’t played since back when I was in high school. I was shooting about 13 over par the first week, now I have it up to a good 6 over par :D I think I’ll start playing in the league on wednesday night.. I think I can win a few disc if I’m lucky..lol

I’m working on redoing my Resume right now and have plans to have a job by summer. I have a few leads so far, just waiting to update my info on the resume. Speaking of, I need to get back to it.. Take care everyone. I know my blog is pretty boring, Alissa Sheley’s ( my wife ) blog is much more exciting..lol