This project was a scrapbooking forum that started off on phpbb with photopost and needed imported to vBulletin on a new server.

The phpbb site had a bad spam problem with 10’s of 1,000’s of spammers on the forum. I think we pruned 30,000 members before handing it off. I never really talked with the owner, I talked to his/her designer. Which btw, the style on this site look great, really nice look overall. I suggested photopost do the upgrade and they did just fine. I did have to transfer the gallery files the new server and that ended up being about 10gigs. (Google fiber would have been nice!)

  • Here is the list of what needed done from me.
  • Moved phpbb site/db to the new server
  • Installed and imported into vBulletin
  • Moved the photopost files/db to the new server
  • Helped with a some mods and vBulletin questions

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