This weekend Alissa and I attended the first Podcamp in Topeka Kansas; it was at the library and was hosted by David Lee King. You can check out his notes from the Podcamp Topeka, which has a pretty good outline of what we talked about. We were using the #podcamptopeka hash tag;  and there were about 50 people from across Kansas that attended. podcamptopekaI helped lead a discussion on how to setup your Facebook and Twitter profiles. I also talked about some of the tools I use, like, and Tweetdeck and how it helped me manage my networks. I’m looking forward to the next podcamp, as well as interacting with all the great individuals I met at the podcamp. Social media is such a great thing, it’s really important that everyone at least try to take a part in it if you are interested in meeting others who may be interested in the same topics you are. If it wasn’t for Twitter and Tweetups, I wouldn’t know half the local individuals that I chat with every day. I’ve never really been had an outgoing type of personality, but Twitter and facebook has really changed that. It’s not unlike me to go up so a new person at these events and just start talking to them.

Here are a few more links about the PodcampTopekaTSCPL

Here is a video on Selling yourself @ 30 FPS by @T_Rave, he was part of a group from Kansas City.

This looks like a video David had done before the podcamp.

Here is a promo WIBW did, they were also a sponsor.

I saw KTKA was there, here is a short story they published.

I think that’s about it, if I find anymore links, I’ll edit this post and add them.

Originally posted 2009-09-21 11:57:45.

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