Reasons to Join a Destination Club

The rich and famous take wonderful luxury vacations. Why shouldn’t you? Destination clubs, also known as vacation clubs, are a great way to spend your vacation time in a variety of upscale locations. For a membership deposit and annual fee this increasingly popular vacation concept offers you access to a number of luxury homes in attractive resort areas. Here are some reasons you should consider joining a destination club.

1. Destination Clubs offer variety. Members pay an annual fee to the club to have access to a number of properties within its portfolio of destinations. Consider joining a destination club if you like traveling to a variety of locations during the year. One option some people choose is to purchase a second home as a vacation home. This is limiting because you have to return to that home vacation after vacation. As a destination club member you may be enticed to visit a place you wouldn’t otherwise consider. By having access to these properties you can expand your travel comfort zone and try something new. And you’ll do it in style.

2. Destination Clubs provide luxury. For those willing to pay the cost, club properties offer the finest amenities and services for its members. If you can’t afford a million dollar property, the price you spend on a destination club membership will at least afford you some quality vacation time in one. Many of the luxury homes offer a variety of architectural styles and features only found in the finest of homes. Some properties include yachts and sailboats to further enhance your vacation stay.

3. Destination Clubs offer convenience. The great thing about destination clubs is that they promote availability anytime and anywhere. Because there are fewer members in destination clubs, there is more availability in comparison to timeshares. This makes it easier to plan your vacation. Another convenient feature is that many clubs handle your travel accommodations for you by making flight reservations, arranging travel insurance and booking vehicles for you during your stay if requested. You can also have your dinner reservations and other arrangements handled by concierge. Some properties add further convenience by including food and beverages for you during your stay.

4. Destination Clubs make it easy to plan. For most travelers it’s easier to choose a vacation destination if there are a number of options from which to choose. Destination clubs offer those options with a portfolio of locations. As a member of a destination club you’ll be able to thumb through a listing of luxury homes just waiting for you to visit. You can choose a destination based on your hobbies as some offer golf, fly fishing or ample opportunity to relax on the beach. And with the services available to you as a member you can receive the assistance you need to plan your ideal trip.

5. Destination Clubs offer attractive destinations. Whether you’re looking for a club with properties in your region, country or another continent, destination club memberships place its members in some of the most scenic of vacation areas. You’ll learn about new places and see new things.

Originally posted 2007-12-12 19:29:22.