Redoing my Free WordPress Styles Demo

Some of you may have seen our Free WordPress Styles page over at vBSetup. Well, I’ve always had an issue with showing live demo’s of the styles without having to install a hundered instances of wordpress on my server. With WPMU I can just make seperate sub-domains for each demo using wildcards. If I had cPanel or some sever managment app like that, it wouldn’t be so bad. I’m using HCSpear I think is the name, it’s great but not as newbie friendly. Well long story short… I’m going to post each style on “WordPress Styles” and each demo will be like etc…

With this brings a question, all the current wp styles are stored on the vbsetup side of the server.. Should I start hosting the download zip on the side? I think I probably will and redirect the old links to the new ones.