I’m up to an 86% in class, I’m going to shoot and see if I can hit 90% by May. The stuff we’re working on is sorta like what I deal with when working on the ftp. of a website so I guess it’s a bit easier for me. :)

We’re going to tear down, or I should say, I’m going to tear down most of a small shed in the back yard. Then my father in law is already working on a new one, but we’ll replace it with a new shed..kick ass. The old one has some holes in it and was about to fall over when we moved in..lol

A friend of mine had surgery today and I got a call that it went well.. It lasted 4 hours and what they needed to do, went over well.. I’m very happy to hear about this. I had gone down to Emporia monday and seen him, I think he’ll be back in town friday but I’m sure he’s going to need a lot of rest the next few days.

I’ve been thinking out some of the site I have on the server, to give the resources to the sites that are getting the traffic. That would be Alissa’s and my vBulletin help site, as well as this blog, but it really doesn’t get many hits.

I should of been in bed 2 hours ago, so I better head out.