Hey guys, I know it seems like it’s been a while since I updated the old blog, well.. I’ve been busy. I have a few clients that are sucking up any free time that I have. I’ll be getting a cell phone prolly within the next week. I’m going to be using it to chat with clients and any SEO consulting that may be needed.
School has been real good. I’m really looking forward to this years class. The teacher just does a little better job at teaching I think. I’ve only missing one day so far, but it was excused. Alissa grandmother passed away last week, this is what has been taking a lot of my time as well. We went out to BFE about 90 mins from the house to visit her 2 times last week, and then to go to the viewing and funeral.
Summer is about over, and the pool is still up. It’s been a bit of a chore to have a pool, I’m not sure I’ll set it up again next year. Maybe we’ll get a better one if we do put a pool up.
Alissa and I went to a few charity events 2 weeks ago, she donated 2 pieces that sold for 700$ It was a good time, free food and drink :D We’re going to be going up to lawrence this weekend to pick up some art that is at the public library. Then we’ll be going to chi-town a few weekends after that :D
Well, I need to get back to what I was doing. If you want to see what we had to eat tonight, check this out.
 This is a pizza I’ve made before. Alissa loves it and I do too. I take a pound of chicken and season it with Daddy Hinckles, If you haven’t tried it, you should give it a shot.. It’s wonderful. Then I went and got the crust mix, mixed up the crust. Spread it around the pan, trying to make it as even as possible. I then tossed the crust in the oven for 5 mins to lightly brown the crust and give it some form. I then put the alfredo source and cheese on. Let the cheese melt a little, Shred the chicken and spread it on the crust as well.. Then put it back in the oven for 10 more mins, pull it out and you see what you get :D