Hey guys, whats been going on with you ??

Well, things have been great for me.

Alissa has 3 shows since I last posted. well 2, one got cancelled because of the weather, but of the 3 she has sold a few pieces. She said is almost to the point of making money with her art business, I know she has spent a lot tho so it’s going to take a while to really start making some income.

My job that I was working at had to lay me off. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised. They couldn’t even afford for blank CD’s to record some programs onto for the techs. It was good experience for me to see different ways to fix and diagnose problems. I hope I can find another pc repair job when I go out to look for one. Right now I’m going to do a little website work, it’s good and easy money for me :)

Alissa and I pretty much got all the old shed tore up and placed in piles for the dump. It’s in pretty bad shape, the concrete that was under the shed only goes half way and the rest was rock. The ground was slanted in a way that water would travel up to the side of the shed. This caused the wood to rot and the structure was crap. We’re waiting for my father in law to help build the next shed, we’ve already bought some of the wood.

That’s a quick summery of whats happen that I can think of off hand. I’ve spent a Lot of time at the vBulletin Setup forums, I just merged a smaller site with ours. They had some great content that fit well on our site. :)

Oh ya, school is about out, we have one week left. I’ll be passing for sure but lately the class has been hella boring :(  The working in the field taught me Soo much more.

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