Custom Forum & Blog Services


Installs, Upgrades, Imports, Server relocation, Optimization.

  • vBSetup
    • Installation and maintenance for vB Hacks
  • vBOptimize
    • Full on-site SEO optimization
  • vbConsult
    • Site evaluation and recommendations for increasing market share
  • vbBackLinks
    • Locate back-link opportunities for your niche and make recommendations for Link Bait
  • WordPress Installs
    • Installation of WordPress on a hosted account
  • WordPress Optimize
    • Installation of optimized WordPress plugins to help with SEO and server load
  • WordPress Consult
    • Site evaluation and recommendations for increasing market share


Since 2006, I’ve offered vBulletin Services to clients all over the world. I launched my first online forum in June of 2007 and quick order I was able to build my website up to a top 18,000 ranking according to Alexa.

During my first year operating the site:

  • The site ranked on the first page  for many competitive keywords (over 1 billion results) within 10 days of purchasing the domain.
  • The site had over 100,000 backlinks from articles, styles and niche directories.
  • The site had a strong member base with an average of 50 users logged on each day.
  • The site reached a Page Rank of 5.
  • The site had over a quarter-million page views every month.
  • The site was well known across the web as a reputable support site for vBulletin.

You can read more testimonials from my current and past clients.

If you’re interested in a recommendation/help installing, optimizing or building traffic to your vBulletin or WordPress website, simply contact me:

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