Spent the day at the Botanica Gardens in Wichita

Alissa and I had an Art show in Wichita at the Botanica Gadens this weekend. It was suppose to be Saturday and Sunday, but the deal Saturday night got canceled. We couldn’t drop out of our motel room so we went ahead and drove down Saturday.
We didn’t sell anything this show, sort of a bummer 🙁 We had a lot of buzz going around the place tho. We have several ppl tell us they had heard some others talking about Alissa work in different areas of the park.
I should have taken some pics of the park behind us, we’re up in the sentinel pavilion and it over looked most the park.
I didn’t really talk to any of the other artist at this show, it was only a 7 hour show and I was trying to just get the word out of Alissa’s work and hand out some business cards.
I did get a picture of the Coy fish that were to the left of us. We thought it would be a good spot to gather a crowd, but in the end, they were an easy distraction from the art.