Today is day the 5th day I’ve gone without a cigarette and it’s been rough. I’ve been blogging about it here, sorry I hadn’t started one on the blog, but it was just quicker to post it on the forums because I had that messed up style on the blog.
It’s been rough, during our art show I really wanted a cig, and today I had a friend over helping on the house and he would go outside and smoke and I wanted one SO BAD!
The pills make my stomach upset too, I’m thinking about giving up on the pill and not start up.. I’m not really sure what’s in the pill, I guess I should check it out. I know you need to eat food with the pill, and I try but it’s not always convenient when eating dinner or lunch.
The house in 90% finished! it looks so good.. I’ll get some new pictures up asap, we had a realtor over today and we should be ready to place a sign in the yard on the 14th. I have a good feeling about the house, I think it will sell quickly.. With that said, my teacher has had his house on the market for a few months now, and they are living in their new house.

It’s been a long day, and I think the next week is going to be non stop balls to the wall!! We have more the work done, but now it’s clearing the house out and staging all the rooms to look the best ;)

off to bed

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