I found a temp job through permire personal here in Topeka this week. It’s a cool job, I think I’ll like it for a while. I’m part of the Tech Support team that helps all the associates and store clerks in the stores if their networks break down. I pretty much have 100 questions that will be asked, ranging from the fix being rebooting the modem, to replacing files on their scanners. I’m able to remote into to the back office PC’s and the registers of over 4400 stores across the US and Canada. I was in training all week and expect to be in training for the next week if not two. I think I’m ready for my own computer and to get setup on my own, but I guess some more traning can’t hurt. The funny thing is, the girl that is training me was born on the exact same day as me..lol She’s a cool gal, and I’m glad she is the one training me. She is fast and it seems like she does everything correct.. so it would be better then learning from someone that has shortcuts….lol

Anyways, just wanted to post an update about the job, we got the crib up and have a slideshow setup, but it wouldn’t post correctly on the baby blog. As soon as I get that figured out, you all will have pics of the babies room so far.



Originally posted 2008-10-25 21:47:58.

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