For those who know me online might have heard that I had to bump my hosting up to a better package. I was having way to much "downtime" with my last host, So I had to pay a little more for a better host..

Now the rest is for my family. :)

My grandfather was up last week having a pacemaker put in. Grandma stayed here a few night because we are a few blocks from the VA Hospital. His surgery went as plan and they are back home now resting. Grandpa wasn’t enjoying staying at the hospital at all, and I don’t think he was a good Who is when your getting cut open though..

School is still going along great, still holding a strong B as of last week. I have a 15 page term paper that is due next Monday, I have had a month to do Oh well, I’ll get it done just fine I suspect ;)

I’ve been spending a Lot of time working on my site. As I mentioned I have been switching host because my last one was giving to much unexplained downtime. One of my newest site " vBulletin Setup " has been doing very well.. It has just under 200 users, at just over 2 months old.. Not to shabby :)

I just wanted to make a small update, I have work to get to.. Talk to everyone later and your welcome to post a comment.. I might even answer you.

-Brandon Sheley

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