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Testimonial from

I contacted Brandon after receiving a couple of recommendations on his work, and seeing the Senior status he enjoyed on multiple vbulletin-focussed communities. Our forum’s SEO was in dire need of a complete overhaul…even the SEO fundamentals were missing! Brandon came onboard immediately & implemented corrective measures in the same week. He also made a couple of high-value suggestions on areas where we could improve our SEO standing. I’m left impressed with his overall understanding of vbulletin, vbseo and the SEO subject itself. Great work, definitely a return customer” Rush Parekh from

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PhotoChopz needed some miner edits.

  • Optimized vBulletin
  • vBulletin SEO tips
  • offered suggestions for the forum
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Gamerz Area

This admin just needed a hand getting the site up and running.
We may be helping in an upgrade and SEO services in the next few days. I’ll go a head and add it in the list.

  • vBulletin setup
  • setup admin usergroups and permissions
  • might upgrade the forum
  • might also do some SEO work to the templates and forum settings.

cheers to another happy customer

(Looks like another one bites the dust)

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novus ordo saeculorum for masons by masons

This is a pretty interesting forum. I’ve always been interested in the free masons, I may join this one.

here is the list

  • optimized the on-site SEO
  • optimized the vbulletin for server load
  • fixed a few bugs on the forum
  • may add vBSEO later on
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This site was a quick little job that just needed a few things.
updated vbseo sitemap and went over the settings in vboptions for SEO.

  • vBSEO sitemap update
  • vBulletin SEO tweaking

*I don’t remember the URL for this one, updated 6/2010*

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