Testimonial from Ten-41.com

I’m normally REAL stingy when it comes to handing out praise.

But I’ll make an exception in this case!

Brandon offered to help me fix a failed vBulletin upgrade when I posted my problem on vBulletin.org. My field is hardware, not software, and when I attempted to perform a normally simple software upgrade I managed to pretty much mess up the works on my Host Provider as well as making a basket case of my vBulletin installation.

Brandon straightened out my mess and had me up and running again in no time.

My Forum is still is the beginning stages and not active yet, but thanks to Brandon’s expertise I only have a few more tweaks to perform before I can go live.

I can guarantee that if I run into any more problems I’ll contact Brandon for his services and know that my issues will be resolved.

Uncle Mike,