The Pub was a phpbb2 board and had installed vBulletin to it and that caused some database errors, the site was down for a week. After I met the admins, we got the site back up within 12 hours. I’ve done work on this site for a while and I imagine I’ll keep doing small tweaking from time to time. I had since worked on The Pub a few more times, maybe four or five counting everything, it’s good to see the site still alive and kicking.


Here is the list.

  • phpbb2 import to vbulletin
  • SEO optimize
  • added a vBulletin Arcade
  • vbadvanced
  • vbux
  • vBulletin Shoutbox.
  • several vBulletin styles
  • about a dozen other vBulletin hacks and tweaks
  • ongoing work.

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