Today I am going post a successful forum review, but it’s not going to be a vBulletin forum this time. Although the owner was one of the original vBulletin style designers, this forum is powered by xenForo. Before we get into that, let me tell you a little about this owners past.

Miko Magni started late 2003 after designing skins for UBB (Perl) forums. VBStyles quickly grew and gained an exceptional reputation for quality coding and design services. Today vBStyles is listed number one in Google for the top keywords; vbsetup, vbulletin styles, vbulletin skins.

Miko has since sold vBStyles and is on to bigger and better things. He now runs which can be used to display several frameworks and not limited to vBulletin like vBStyles was.

He is currently working on the newly released forum script called xenForo. The script is still in the early beta stages so there hasn’t been a lot of time yet for anyone to play with the layout much. From what I’ve read on their official support forums, this is going to be a “modern forum”. It’s been named as the vBulletin Killer, I think there is room for everyone but only time will tell.

Here is a quote from Miko “We are working hard to produce the most sophisticated skins you are likely to see for XenForo community forum.”

I have no doubt that Miko will build another impressive empire for design enthusiast. I strongly suggest for everyone to bookmark ThemesInc right now, this next year is going to make or break the xenForo community. We will see amazing things coming out of all the eager designers and programmers wanting to say there were part of something great. (Official Facebook page, Twitter profile)

Have you had a chance to play with xenForo yet? I have a few friends that have purchased the script so I’ve been able to see the admin side. What are your thoughts? I know a lot of vBulletin people read this blog, are you thinking about importing your vBulletin forum to xenForo?

Originally posted 2010-10-12 23:50:24.

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