After seeing how nice Alissa new blog looks, I Don’t care for mine here as much. I’m also thinking about removing all the google ads too. I never really make anything off them and the site is Building PR, so I can always sell some links later on and they wont “uglify” my blog as much.

So, we started school back up today. I’m pretty amp’d about it, I like how the teacher if going to be instructing. I think I’ll be able to do better on my test this semester. Our class size is a few ppl smaller, so that will help with the concentration. We’ll be exploring windows XP desktop and linux, as well as the server side of both XP and windows. I should learn some good stuff about troubleshooting a network :)

I’ve decided  to start a business, I’ll be announcing more soon, but I’m going to build websites and run websites as an income in 2007 :D

Wish me luck,