Hello vBSEO Friends and Customers, we are happy to announce that vBSEO 3.6.0 Gold is now Gold and is available to all licensed users for installation on production servers with full support. You may download vBSEO 3.6 now from the downloads area for any active license.

Featuring the Likes Tree, updated Social Bookmarking System, Universal CDN Integration + MaxCDN Promo!

NOTE: Please read this announcement completely and carefully, as there are certain restrictions, changes to rules, and other important items that you should know about before jumping into 3.6. Pay special attention to the *Important* flag.

vBSEO 3.6.0 Gold Highlights

1. A full featured “Likes” system: A “Social Graph” for your community

The long-awaited Likes Tree integration is now available! Made popular by Facebook, and now making its way to forums and social web applications everywhere, the “Likes” system allows your users to effortlessly provide feedback to one another on the content they find most useful. Most importantly, this activity creates an underlying layer of data that works as a “Social Graph” for your community, opening the doors to a myriad of USEFUL features that have the potential to alter the way we interact with forums in different ways. One of them is enabling people to find the site’s most useful content more efficiently (see our “Likes Tree” feature below). Another powerful use for this data is the ability to surface the most popular and/or relevant content for search engines, be it via Search Engine Friendly pages that list this content, or by using it as priority multipliers for your Search Engine XML sitemaps (coming in vBSEO Search Engine XML Sitemaps 3.1).

2. The vBSEO “Likes Tree”: Redefining the way people interact with forums
It gives you (and your users) an instant “birds-eye-view” of the “Likes” distribution in a thread, allowing you to *quickly* identify the most useful/important content, no matter how long the conversation is. This new feature represents a new paradigm as it allows people to extract more value out of forums in less time.

3. Updated Social Bookmarking and Sharing system
The vBSEO Bookmarks system has been highly improved. It now appears as a pop-out link in the post bit to save space and better fit the postbit layout.

Important: With this update, the format for custom urls for your Social Bookmarking Icons has been modified. CURRENT CUSTOM ENTRIES WILL NOT BE CONVERTED. You will need to manually edit any custom rules.

Old Format:
Bookmark URL,Icon URL,”Bookmark Thread” Text,”Bookmark Post” Text

New Format:
Bookmark URL,Icon URL,”Bookmark Thread” Text,”Bookmark Post” Text,”Bookmark article” Text

See this post for more information on what formats to use.

4. CDN integration and MaxCDN Promo! Faster Sites = Better SEO
Now for the first time ever, it is easy to set up your vBSEO-powered vBulletin forum to work with a CDN. Search Engines will love you and your users will love you too. It has been proven that sites that load FASTER, rank HIGHER. vBSEO has partnered with MaxCDN to bring faster load speeds to our clients. *New licenses* will receive an account at MaxCDN, valid for 1TB of bandwidth or 1 year of usage (whichever comes first). The package is valued at $39.95 and is being made available for FREE to vBSEO users who *purchase* a new license or *renew* an existing license (limited to ONE 1TB account per-customer). vBSEO 3.6.0 now features an easy (Universal) CDN integration via our dashboard settings panel.

Important: Certain restrictions Apply. Please read the following carefully.

  1. 1 trial account per customer, regardless of how many licenses you have. You may use a single account for multiple sites though.
  2. Details on how to claim your MaxCDN account will be presented to you at time of your FIRST purchase after this promotion goes into effect on your confirmation page. Print or write them down.
  3. Important: You must follow the steps AT TIME OF ORDER ONLY. No exceptions.
  4. Important: Staff cannot assist you with your MaxCDN account creation if you forgot to do it, or did it incorrectly. Your account will be marked as a CDN account holder and, any other new order will NOT invoke the promotional item again. Please do not open any tickets about this, as there is absolutely nothing we can do to change this. It is one-time, at time of order, only. If you get stuck or have problems, leave your purchase confirmation window open, launch a new tab/window in your browser to open a ticket/thread with any questions you may have BEFORE closing your order confirmation page.
  5. Important: MaxCDN is a subscription-based product which has it’s own billing system outside of the vBSEO ordering system. You will be prompted to enter a credit/debit card, or PayPal* account to put on file with MaxCDN. Credit/Debit card users will NOT be billed. PayPal Customers will be charged $0.99 to cover the PayPal minimum transaction amount.
  6. *NOTE: The PayPal payment option will not be available until mid-day Monday, 3/14/2011.
  7. If you do not agree to these terms, you are not required to participate and can simply navigate away from the order confirmation page. If you accept these terms, please be aware that after your 1TB of bandwidth is used, or 1 year of service (which ever comes first), you will be billed by MaxCDN based on this payment information per their terms of service at their current regular prices at time of billing. If you do not wish to be billed, you may cancel your CDN service at any time before your 1 year or 1TB of transfer is used up. MaxCDN will contact you previous to the expiry of your PROMO period indicating when it’s going to expire, allowing you enough time to cancel the service shall you desire to do so. All MaxCDN account-related items are available to you in the MaxCDN dashboard: MaxCDN Control Panel.
  8. If you are a current MaxCDN customer, you can still take advantage of this free promo item, however, you must make a new account via our ordering portal flow. Your current account will not be converted.
  9. Past purchases, including those made just minutes before this announcement, unfortunately do not apply. A new purchase with our back end system in place is required in order to automate the process. You can renew for the future year even if you are not expired to obtain the free promotional item. All future-date renewals apply to the date of expiration, not order date.
  10. MaxCDN is solely responsible for the CDN service and their servers. Our support will only offer help on problems with integration of the service in their vBSEO CP. Any technical issues with the CDN itself should be brought to the attention of MaxCDN through their authorized support channels.

The Free MaxCDN account promotion may be offered for a limited time only and is subject to termination without notice.

Originally posted 2011-03-14 00:51:12.