vBulletin Setup wins BOTM in only 3 months

Hello guys,

Just want to post a short update of whats going on with me. My newest forum ( vBulletin Setup ) has won the Board of the Month at vBulletin.org and the site is only 3 months old. yeah !

That site is taking off nicely and I’ve had about a dozen jobs just from it. It’s more then paid for itself and will continue to for years to come.

Tonight I moved the last of my sites over to the new host, and on the 6’th I’ll no longer be with allreseller.com, They have been a decent host but the uptime and support is 100times better with my current host ( FluidHosting )  If you decide to use them, please tell them Brandon of Sheley.Org sent ya 😀

School is going good, my teacher pointed me at two jobs, one deals with websites and one is fixing computers. So between those two, hopefully I’ll pick something up and then I’ll quit my part time job at the liquor store and do the computer stuff full time.

Alissa had an Art show at the Classic Bean here in Topeka an didn’t sell a thing 🙁 but.. Usually when she has shows there is more importance to the artist, and when there is an opening there is at least a sign that says * featured artist Alissa Sheley * there ppl there didn’t even know we were going to be there on her opening.. She will be showing at New City Cafe` in December. Last year she sold a few pieces at New city, so it should have better results the classic bean. She did however get a lot of good comments about her at at the Bean, just no one bought one.. Oh well, it’s all for fun anyways 😉

I don’t have much time to post here, just wanted to share a small update that I moved all the sites over, that we won the BOTM ( IN ONLY 3 MONTHS ) and that school is going well. 🙂

See you on the flip side.

-Brandon Sheley

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