Hey everyone, hows it going ?
I haven’t had time to update my sheley.org blog in some time.
As you see, I’ve updated the style here again, some of you may have remember me talking about free wordpress styles, well this is another one I purchased to distribute but it’s kind of a pain to setup and I’m not sure how well it would go over. We’ll see, give me a month or so and I’ll get it up to share with everyone.

Anyways.. Life has been good for me, Alissa and I are getting the house cleaned up to get ready to show/sell. We are looking for a house with more room and a bit newer then the one we are currently in. School is cruising along fine, I’m still passing and looking forward to spring break! We are working with cisco switches, it’s pretty interested stuff, at least for me it is.

What have I been working on ? The end of last year I got a call from a past client in Cali asking me if I wanted to fly over for some website meetings.. Of course I said yes! It was awesome and warm! I think I’ll be going back sometime, this time with Alissa. I’m currently the head Marketing Coordinator for the Crowdgather network.. I’ll let you know more about what crowdgather is when we official go public. All I can say is this.. Currently I’m in charge of 20 forums and I have to make sure they are optimized for search engines, as well as monetize all the forums so my boss can start making some money. We haven’t added ad’s on many forum yet, I’ve just been working on getting the site optimized and posting some links around the web back to it.

With that said, the vBulletin Services work that I was doing during the week, I don’t have near the time for.. I’ve created a vBulletin team that is composed of about 20 vbulletin programmers and designers that I’ve been pushing the work off on to.. It’s worked out for everyone because I asked that the vb team help on the forums, especially if they are making money off vBulletin Setup.

Other then that, hasn’t been to much going on. I’ll try to update this more often now that I have the magazine style template setup.


Originally posted 2008-02-21 18:54:37.

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