We are having a baby!

As always, I take far far to long to post on this blog, but I’ll try to fill you in.

2 weeks ago my mom and I went down to see my grandma Siver for a week. It was a real good time, I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more. The day we drove down, Alissa had a wedding to go to. It was one of her school friends I think, I know she was looking forward to the party afterward. She took a pregnancy test after the wedding while her and Amy where getting ready for the party, and it came back positive.. You can only imagine how excited the sisters were, Alissa wanted to keep it a secret from her mom at leas until she told me.. Both our mothers have been giving us “hints” and “nudges” for a grand baby..

Anyway, long story short.. we’ve already made a Sheley baby blog, where you can see how she told our parents.

I had posted that our house was for sale some time ago, well 50 days later and we think we have it sold. We have until the 31st to get out, and into a new place.. We’ve found a few places we like, but will probably rent a place for a few months before we move in. That way we don’t have to feel rushed, we found a real nice house today, and might give an offer on Saturday..

I just got the new skin on the Transform Topeka website. I also just posted one of the longest post I’ve ever done.. I’m pretty impressed actually.

The Crowdgather job is still going great, I’ve been working closely with some real advertising pro’s. I’ve learned more in the last month about advertising using CPC and PPC advertising then I had in the last year.

oh, I’m looking forward to seeing my Sheley family, we have a reunion in September for a few days.. I’m not looking forward to the drive at all, but it’s well worth it once you get there.

We will be going to the ozarks one of these weekends for the Topeka adclub, I got to go last year but wasn’t a member.. This year I’m a member, so it may not be as free going for me.. I’m hoping to work on my tan and have a few beers!