Hey guys,
Last weekend Alissa and I were at the store and started looking at one of those 12′ x 3′ ready made pools. I picked one up monday, set it up, tore it down, set it back up, tore it back down, and set it back up again. The first 2 times, I didn’t like to spot, the last time we just went ahead and set it up on the grass. I know it’ll kill off a big circle, but we can plant more grass when we go to sell the house.

You can see the side trim for the shed that I still need to finish painting here :D

We helped a friend move the other day and she had 2 air rafts, 4 chairs and an outdoor table and she gave it all to us :)

Well, I need to go work on the back yard some more, I’ll post some pics if I ever get it all finished up.

Oh, one more thing, we tore up the back room a few weeks ago and added a ping pong table.
Here are some pics of that.

and here is a picture of the floor for those that seen the old carpet that we had before.. For those who didn’t see it, it was old 60’s style blue shag..


and here is a picture of the puppy to go out on

Well, I need to get back to work. I still need to update my work blogs too..

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