I Love Osage Beach, I was down there last weekend for an adclub meeting. I was just one of the spouses, but that just meant I could spend more time in the hospitality sweet ! It was stocked with beer and…um.. I think they had chips, all I needed was the beer. I had spent some time down in the Ozarks a few summers ago, I worked down there for a whole summer at a club on the lake (shooters21) So it wasn’t all new to me, I just hung out by the pool with a beer in my hand. Next year when we go down, we’re going to go down a day early and get a boat for a day. That will be really fun. We had a dinner cruise on a big boat, it was cool. I spent most the time talking to another one of the spouses that works at KDOT. He also builds websites and is going to send me some videos and pdf’s Maybe even a little work.
I didn’t take this pic, we forgot the camera when we were on the boat. This is the main road that runs through Osage beach, they have a huge outlet mall too. That made Alissa happy..lol
My sites have been kicking ass. One of them “vBulletin Setup” is getting double digits sign ups every day. I can’t wait until I get 100 sign ups in one day :D We are about to have a Page Rank update. I’ve already seen changed on Alissa’s site, with the earlier post.
I’ve thought about building some back links to my blog. I don’t know if I need to, unless I want to sell post or reviews. I’ve always read that is a bad route to go. ?
Anyways, I need to get back to making money.
Thanks for checking the blog out.


Originally posted 2007-07-21 22:23:49.

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