What's the Best Time to Send an Email to Your List?

So is there a trend of when to send? Yes. It seems to be Tuesdays. Sort of.

So should you just send your emails out on Tuesdays?


Here’s why: Your company probably did not participate in any of those studies. Those studies are all well and good, but those other companies’ results are not yours.

That’s hardly the only problem here, too. These studies also determine “the best” day to send based on clicks and opens. That’s a nice starter way to measure success with your emails, but what matters is sales ― revenue generated. None of these studies track that.

And here’s yet another problem: Even if your company was included in those email studies, it would be a generalization. Even if you did your own tests and determined which day was best for your list, that would still be a major missed opportunity.

Know why?

Because all those studies and tests treat all the list’s subscribers as if they were the same.

And, as you know very well …

All subscribers are not the same.

Your subscribers don’t all have the same priorities, the same reading habits, the same device habits. Heck, if you’re doing your job as an email marketer, your subscribers should not even be getting the same message all the time. You should be segmenting your subscribers based on their interests and what you have to say to them.

You can, could, and even should be personalizing the emails they get ― and not just with their names, either. You could be using dynamic content to serve up the pieces of content they’re most likely to enjoy.

This isn’t advanced stuff anymore, either. Most consumers, including B2B buyers, expect some level of personalization.

But hold on ― we’re not done yet.

The way those subscribers react to your emails isn’t based on only their interests, either. How they respond depends on where they are in the world ― what time zone they’re in. One subscriber’s 9 am on the East Coast is another’s 6 am on the West Coast. That affects how likely they are to open your emails.

To really be cutting-edge now, you need to be sending your subscribers emails when they’re most likely to open them. And that magic time is different for each subscriber.

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