If you didn’t hear, I’ve pushed all vBulletin Services work that was coming into Sheley Enterprises, to the forums. This is because I was recently offered a Web Application Developer job at KDOT and between that and my family; I wasn’t going to have time to work on vBulletin forumsTopeka Kansas Capital building

I took the interview and 4 days later I was offered the job! I’ve been there one week and it seems like a perfect fit. I’m able to continue to work on the web and learn new things. I’m working with Visual Studio 2008 at work; I’ve installed the free version at my home office. (Visual Studio Express) I’ve been learning how to use ASP.NET, Visual Basic and C#. I’m going to be taking some classes on MySQL and modifying the database of our sites. I’ve taken a few pictures, I’m really close to the capital building, and this is the look from our lunch area on the 4th floor.

Leo has been going to Alissa’s cousins house for babysitting. She has a little boy a few weeks older than Leo names Owen; they seem to have a good time together. We have a backup babysitter to check out this weekend, in case Lindsey is sick or wants a break. Speaking of Leo, he is growing up so fast; he’ll be crawling around before too long. He’s such a sweetheart, we just wish he would sleep a few more hours in a row at night..lol


You may have noticed, I moved all the content from brandon.sheley.org to this URL and blog, that was an older blog and I’ve redirected everything from it to this one, so you may want to update your bookmarks if you had been following along.  I may do the same with SheleyEnterpirses.com after I close that business down later this year.

I’m going to move my sites to a new server in the next 2 months. I’ll do my best to limit the amount of down time, but with a few dozen sites, it will take me time to move all the files and setup the databases again.

Life is good and busy, I’ve been working on a few other sites as well. TopekaTweetup has been going real good, we’ve had a few Tweetups and look forward to many more in the future. Another site I recently started is IPBHelp.me, it’s going to be one day a support site for IPB fans, I already have vBulletin Setup, time to branch out to IPB. I’ve had a few members from the vBulletin forum sign up and check it out; it’s just a place to allow the vB guys/gals to see what can be done with IPB. We’re working on a few sites for TransformTopeka like ReThinkTopeka and a Topeka Transit site (not open yet) that are turning out nicely.

As always, you can follow me on twitter under @BrandonSheley or @vBSetup (my active account) as well as Facebook if you want to see what I’m up to day to day.

Originally posted 2009-08-22 17:50:37.

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