I mentioned in the news post that we have been working on the house. We are fixing up the house in order to list it for sale. We were planning on showing it the end of this month, but the amount of work that needs done and the amount of time we have don’t match up. We’ve hired a friend of ours who is a contractor, he is doing most the major stuff then lis and I have been doing the painting and smaller stuff that I know how to do.
So far we have put a new fluorescent lamp in the extra bedroom and put a new ceiling in. The old light only had 2 tubes, the new one has 4 fluorescent tubs in ti and let me tell ya.. It’s bright in that room now! Like I said, it’s the extra bedroom, it’s where my closet is and mostly just a storage room for all our stuff..lol
The other room we’ve worked on is the bathroom, We ripped down the wall paper, only to put up new paneling.. go figure.. We added some trim and have spent the last few days painting the walls and the cabinet and doors. We got new nickel knobs, towel holders and new faucet.. Everything is up but the new faucet, I need to wait for the snow to melt so I can go shut of the water.
Let’s see, what else have we done.. Oh, bought new carpet for the front and back rooms, it’s in the shop but we still have more painting to do before it will go done. All in all, the house should look pretty top notch, we have some landscaping work to clean up as well before we can sell.

I’ll update as time goes.


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